Denis Cotter

chef, writer, restaurateur

The Café Paradiso Cookbook

Over 100 recipes covering starters, mains and desserts which range from the simple and comforting to the exotic. The Pantry section lists a collection of ‘bag of tricks’ staples on which other dishes can be based.

‘A ferocious imagination, and a gentle, wise wit, underpin the brilliant culinary improvisations of Denis Cotter. With The Café Paradiso Cookbook, he shows that vivid imagination, and that uncliched sense of humour, in sparkling introductions and intriguing, soulful recipes. He writes as he cooks – freely, cleverly, modestly, trusting to instinct and intuition. The result is a book without artifice or pretence, a book which rings utterly true.’

John McKenna

‘It’s great to have a veggie cookbook that inspires you to drool over the recipes and cook them too! Flick through the new Café Paradiso Cookbook and you’ll find more than 100 creative recipes, with plenty of pictures to whet the appetite. It covers staples such as pesto, salsa, aioli, oils and everything from simple suppers to adventurous entertaining.’

BBC Vegetarian Magazine

Cook Book of the Week: ‘This is not a book for instant gratification, rather for lots of prolonged pleasure. Who knows, Denis Cotter may even tempt rabid meat-eaters with his vibrant new style of vegetarian cooking.’

Sybil Kapoor, The Independent

‘The best cookbook of the year… Utterly essential’

Irish Times

The Café Paradiso Cookbook by Denis Cotter is superb. Every page is filled with useful information, interesting ideas and good recipes.’

Weekend Review, The Saturday Independent

‘One of our best ever finds… on the strength of the book I visited the restaurant. It was the best eating experience I have ever had.’

Flora Woods (Manager, Books for Cooks, London), Food Illustrated

‘…takes vegetarian food to a new dimension. The recipes are not too difficult and have never failed’

BBC Good Food Magazine

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1999, Hardback, 168pages
Size: 222 × 184mm
Published by Cork University Press 1999
ISBN: 0953535304

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