Denis Cotter

chef, writer, restaurateur

Paradiso Seasons

Reflecting the expanding Paradiso repertoire, this time with a more seasonally focused approach, as well as incorporating more home cooking, with over 140 recipes.

Awarded ‘best vegetarian cookbook in the world’ by Gourmand World Cookbook Fair in 2004.

Paradiso Seasons, the new cookbook by the mega-talented vegetarian chef Denis Cotter of Cork’s Cafe Paradiso is out tomorrow – Monday June 23rd. This guy is the chef (or “cook” as modest unassuming Denis prefers) who has taken veggie food light years beyond the “brown rice/brown plates/brown sandals” brigade and made it look and taste appetising, even a touch sinful. Get to Waterstones, Figgis or wherever and grab a copy.’

‘Denis Cotter is one of Ireland’s best chefs, though he’d not thank you for saying so. We’ve never heard this unassuming superstar refer to himself as anything other than ‘a cook’ – which is, to our mind, a bit like hearing a Stradavarius or Chippendale say they make things with wood. If you need convincing sample these recipes or, better still, buy Paradiso Seasons and taste for yourself how Denis elevates vegetarian cooking from the worthy-but-dull to Elysian gastronomic heights. ’

Food & Wine Magazine

‘What a treat – the book that I’ve been waiting for all year has arrived at last. Regular readers will know how much I love Ireland’s most original restaurant, Denis Cotter’s Cafe Paradiso, in Cork city – and his Cafe Paradiso Cookbook which took the culinary world by storm when it was published in 1999. The first was a watershed, and Paradiso Seasons, develops the concept further, emphasing the importance of simplicity, well grown ingredients produced with respect and the principle of eating seasonally. ’

Georgina Campbell, Irish Independent

‘Elegant, inspiring and astonishingly creative dishes to delight even the most carnivorous of appetites. Speaking as a Frenchman from the South West of France, I am by no means vegetarian, but I cook willingly and eat greedily from this book’

Eric Treuille, Books for Cooks, London

‘Who would have thought it possible that Denis Cotter could supersede his unsurpassable Cafe Paradiso Cookbook? That book is, in our opinion, the greatest cookbook ever written by a working chef. But Mr Cotter has surpassed himself, and Paradiso Seasons is another classic text. Classic plus. So, what’s his secret? Well, like so many of those quiet guys, the ones whom you never suspect, Mr Cotter is a revolutionary, and also an intellectual. His method is to think and work like a deconstructionist: read the paragraphs on page 98, when he explains the origin for his Tomato Rasam, and you see a chef researching an age-old recipe and concept, then rebuilding it anew for himself. Cotter never leaves alone: his is a creative art, not an imitative one, so the sheer weight of ideas in this new book is exhilarating, especially in the – very witty – chapter on barbecued foods. Read this, reader, and you will abolish the steak and bangers from your barbie for ever; this is food for the Gods. As a culinary thinker, Denis Cotter is out on his own, and we are fortunate that in two classic books he has had the ability to describe, with precise, articulate prose, the creative and intellectual urges that make him the most original chef in the country. If this doesn’t win the Andre Simon, the Glenfiddich, the Guild of Food Writers and the James Beard awards, we will want to know why.’

John McKenna, food writer and publisher of the Bridgestone Guides

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2003, Hardback, 296 pages.
Size: 222 × 184mm
Published by Cork University Press 2003
ISBN: 095353547

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Photographs by Jörg Köster


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