Denis Cotter

chef, writer, restaurateur

for the love of food

Denis Cotter’s fourth book, for the love of food, is a collection of recipes with a focus on home cooking and the pleasures of preparing and sharing meals. With over 120 recipes, the book is divided into nine chapters, each section and recipe opening with introduction in Denis’ informative and often humorous writing style.

For the Love of Food is full of colour, flavour and nutritional goodness, making his recipes ideal for committed vegetarians celebrating National Vegetarian Week and for those simply wanting ideas for Meat Free Mondays…His approach is a year-round celebration of vibrant, seasonal and fresh produce, based on the philosophy that our meals should not only be healthy and delicious, but cooked with love and appreciation.’

Top Sante

“The latest book from the owner of Café Paradiso in Cork has lots of inventive recipes that will also appeal to the non-vegetarians who want to try some new combinations of flavours.”

The Independent (One of the Top 50 Cook Books)

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2011, Hardback, 320pages
Published by Harper Collins 14th April, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-00-731275-7
Size: 181×240mm

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Photographs by William Lingwood


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